07 March 2018

Fives Intralogistics at the World Trade Center

Fives Intralogistics, one of the Italian excellence in the Intralogistics sector, opens a new office at the World Trade Center in ad hoc spaces built with the precious collaboration of our architects

Born in 1957, this important company designs and supplies extended Intralogistics solutions to satisfy all the sector’s needs. Nowadays the group has offices in over 30 countries with nearly 8.400 employees.

In more than 60 years, Fives has been providing custom solutions, based on its unique experience and pioneering solutions, to grant the demands of clients all around the world.

In Italy, the design team will work in a bright and elegant space on the first floor of the Building 2 and enjoy the numerous services of the World Trade Center Malpensa Airport: corporate gym, restaurant, bar, meeting rooms, shuttle service and optical fibre.

SPI e Meccanica Prealpina

SPI – Servizi per L’industria and Meccanica Prealpina, two specialized companies in Intralogistics innovative solutions with skilled professionals will help the Fives’ team to realize the complex design process. The two companies will operate right next to each other in ad hoc space meticulously furnished by World Trade Center’s architects.

The combination of both synergies will help transform a tangible and functional project into a final product able to answer the many requirements that clients all over the world may have.