16 January 2018

Interview to Luca and Alessandro, Management Team WTC

1. What is the concept behind the World Trade Center Malpensa Airport and what are the main fields of operations?
The concept of the World Trade Centers in the world is to be globally connected but also to develop at a local scale personalized services and needs for clients. Our Malpensa Business Center was initially created with an international scope, open to potential clients looking for efficiency and innovation. 

2. How has your business evolved from the economic crisis to the beginning of the recovery?
The crisis has had a strong impact on all sectors, from Commerce to Logistics and the Real Estate market has inevitably been affected too. We have learned to be more flexible to meet our clients’ needs and to know how to catch new opportunities like the typical ‘Dutch approach’.

3. Where are you located and which are the strategic advantages that you can drive from?
We are located only 2 kms away from the International Airport of Malpensa and very close to the A4 motorway entrance which are the two essential conditions making us the only logistics hub in Northern Italy able to offer such a strategic proximity whether by air or by road. These geographical advantages add up to a flexible space management, fully personalizable, for offices as well as warehouses, with the most evolved goods handling capabilities.

4. A glimpse into the past and future: who were your clients and who are the new ones?
Logistics has been our core business since the very beginning. Delivery Industry giants, such as global couriers Fedex and DHL, stand out as our biggest clients thanks to the airport’s proximity as well as the wide range of services associated that we are able to offer. 

The Business Center, i.e. dedicated office spaces, is altogether brand new and represents our leading offer to develop international business, from a range of high standard scalable solutions to affordable cheaper prices, combining convenience, efficiency, innovation and an amazing go-green setting such as the Parco del Ticino. Our offices and meeting rooms, modular and divisible, adapt to last-minute necessity in response to today’s fast-paced working environment.

5. What are the most interesting trends in your field? Why do your clients need your services?
This year’s trends have been Art, Fashion, Research, E-commerce showing that not only logistics but all international commercial sectors needed to travel and be hosted in modern and efficient spaces. Our client base has evolved over time, touching activity fields which were before only limited to metropolitain areas, but no longer able to answer today’s business needs, space, services or integrated solutions related.
For this reason, the data collected from the last survey on the satisfaction level of the businesses operating in our Business Center is encouraging: not only services such as Corporate Gym, reserved parking places, airport shuttle, bar and restaurants, commercial conventions appear to be instrumental but also lots of custom-made solutions able to answer the most particular need, which facilitate our clients’ everyday life.