16 February 2018

Vipsjop.com, e-commerce Chinese Giant, lands in Italy and elects the World Trade Center for its operational headquarters

The third e-commerce operator in China as well as the largest Flash-Sales operator in the world, aims for growing in Italy to feed its global commercial circuit. 

Born in 2008, Vipshop.com was listed for the first time on the New York stock exchange in 2012.

Nowadays Vipshop.com has 18 thousand employees and it is present in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Londra, Parigi, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Tokyo e Seoul; in 2014 it reached 100 million subscribers and 107.3 million orders.

The Chinese e-commerce market can now count on 618 million Internet users, 400 million of which do shopping online with transactions that have reached a rating of 600 million dollars.

Vipshop.com will be the first e-commerce company hosted by the World Trade Center, a Business Park surrounded by the green of the Parco del Ticino with a multiplicity of unique services. Vipshop will operate in the elegant warehouse closed to the Malpensa international airport and the major national arterial roads.