22 December 2022

We are finally taking off again!

To our Dear friends,

After 2 intense years, we can finally celebrate together!

Other than food and live music, the WTC Christmas Party will offer endless opportunities for you to have fun with friends, family and colleagues!

Despite the negative aspects of the past years, 2022 was also a year of great success and progress.

After celebrating our 20 year anniversary, we are now proud to announce that our offices and logistic buildings are fully occupied.

We will give the warmest welcome to big brands and new clients such as EasyJet, Leonardo aircraft, Nayak, Y International and Yunexpress which confirm the internationality of our worldwide brand that is able to group up people and companies from more than 20 countries around the globe.

For the first time our Business Center, we will also host CAVOK (Ceiling And Visibility Ok) a modernized medical centre which, with its 8 medical laboratories with updated instruments, will provide health services as well to the customers and companies in our Business Center.

In order to better manage and control the consumption of gas and electricity utilities in this particular period, in 2022 we invested 1.4 million euros for the renovation of the systems of 3 buildings.

According to a widely shared ecological choice and for a better and more effective use of the spaces intended for separate collection, we have expanded the paper collection area.

We have created a new small Conference Room, we are working on increasing technologically our Game Room and the Green Area has been further improved with direct access to the park and the creation of new pic nic areas.

Finally, we are working on a Car Washing service in one of our car parks where clean and sparkling cars can be collected at the end of the day.

During the party, a new WTC video will be broadcasted to show everybody the beauty and efficiency of our work spaces, which are only getting better because of you all!

This friendly and companionable event is also an opportunity to thank you all, and keep you connected with your present or future coworkers.

We are also happy to thank everyone that helps us creating such a big brand in every aspect, as well as the big communities of people, that by having peaceful bicycle rides, jogs and yoga sessions, create a warm and colloquial atmosphere around our area.

During December 22nd from 5.00 pm you will be attracted by the sound of the Christmas bells and the elegant smell of sparkling wine, in the Office Building 2, accompanied by the presence of music and entertaining games!

Merry Christmas and happy new year from the WORLD TRADE CENTER MALPENSA AIRPORT!