Prompt response to any technical issues

The World Trade Center provides an on-site management service in order to take prompt action and resolve any technical issue

Our business center is open 24/7, with more than 30 companies, 1000 staff and many visitors working there on a daily basis. This means that constant efficient monitoring, coupled with immediate intervention in the event of any malfunction is required. Our site management service, which all of our clients can take advantage of, consists of technical and structured services that provide our clients with a fast, efficient and professional response with regard to any cleaning, maintenance and repair of the sanitary systems, and for construction, installation, maintenance and repairs to the heating/cooling, and civil and industrial electrical systems.

We also provide diversified services such as:

  • Electrical and thermo-sanitary systems
  • Porters
  • Third party transport
  • Armed and unarmed security services
  • Anti-intrusion services
  • CCTV services