Warehouse A

A new design for logistics


The facility is spread over a surface area of 10,200 m2 and is already separated into smaller independent units of 3400 m2 or 1700 m2. In addition to the features and facilities listed below, each unit has managerial/operating office space on the ground floor or on the mezzanine.

  • Heating

  • Cooling system for the offices

  • Electrical installations

  • Structural framework 15x22x50 m

  • Usable interior height 10 m

  • Floor space bearing capacity 5000 kg/m2

  • Large service area for exclusive use

  • Loading bays with hydraulic platforms

  • Access ramps for motor vehicles or smaller vehicles

  • Pre-installed ESFR sprinkler system

  • Smoke detection system

  • Option for fiber optic connection